Directions to SSGO. Ground Warfare
In 3 Easy Steps
  • Download and Install Continuum/Subspace
    This is the actual game client. If you already have this installed, skip to step #2.
    You can download Continuum directly from here or here or even here. Run the setup program and finish the installation. When you are prompted to update the zone list, refer to the next step.

  • Update Zone List to Include SSGO Ground Warfare

    Open Continuum, and click on the Zones menu option:

    In the Add/Update Zones window, click on the [Download Button]:

    Navigate through the zone list and click on SSGO Ground Warfare:

    Click the [Add Zone(s)] button to include SSGO Ground Warfare in your zone list:

    Click [Ok] to return to the main window.

  • Enter Zone
    You should now have SSGO Ground Warfare listed in your zone list.
    Click on SSGO Ground Warfare so that it's highlighted.
    Click on the [PLAY] button to enter.

    Contact Us
    If you have any problems logging in, finding the zone, or whatever, please feel free to contact the MERC support staff.

    Pre-Download Zone
    You may also be interested in pre-downloading the zone outside of the game as it tends to go a little quicker. You can do so here: Pre-Download SSGO Ground Warfare.