SSGO. Ground Warfare - Ground Warfare Arena

Welcome to GW Boot Camp soldier! I know it can be difficult out there, that’s why I’m going to whip you into shape and try to help keep you alive on the battlefield. I’m not here to baby you, so let’s get started.

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Ship Classes
In-Game Controls
Game Basics
Game Advice

Introduction ^top

You and your battallion have been stranded in some weird desert/jungle wasteland near an abandoned military base... you wonder how you and your friends will survive in this harsh new reality...

Just when you had settled down with your water bottles and spitted rats over the campfire, you hear people approaching! The entire unit jumps up and aims their guns toward the noise.. and you make a bitter discovery. The enemy is there, guns drawn and aimed. "What are they doing here?" you hear one say. "We're stranded out here with no supplies and THESE bastards have to be here?" It seems both sides are stranded in this deserted little world.

What should you do? Should you share your limited resources with the enemy to try to keep everyone alive... or should you vanquish the enemy and keep it all for yourself, in hopes to tough it out longer and await a rescue? ... Hmm, I thought I saw some abandoned tanks and guns around here... I wonder how far away their camp is? 1

Screen Shots ^top

Ship Classes ^top
SCOUT (ship 1): the only class to come equipped with an xradar to find and hunt down spies, and it's also the only class that can hold the ball. Scouts are the fastest as well. Also armed with walls, which are great for building defensive forts.
SNIPER (ship 2): use your scope (bullets) to target something and TAB to fire. Your scope doesn't hurt people when it hits them. Snipers can shoot over thin walls like barbed wire. They come with stealth with no drain, so leave it on so people can't see you as easily.
SPY (ship 3): this class can fully cloak. Its combat knife is weak unless used almost directly on top of an enemy, and watch your energy if other people are near.
TANK BASE (ship 4): these are the wheels of the tank, it's absolutely useless except for blocking enemy fire and repelling. Use it to drive turrets around.
MACHINE GUNNER (ship 5): this class has more health than average, and carries a heavy gun that unloads many rounds into the enemy. Very effective against killing tank bases, especially if it can sit on top to jam the turret.
PYRO (ship 6): use this class for close combat, because it's crazy and best used for kamikaze missions. Has mines and can get grenades, so it becomes a valuable defensive unit. Xradar allows it to easily hunt spies.
SOLDIER (ship 7): this class carries a rocket launcher and a shotgun for weapons versatility. Also holds a fragmentation grenade, and burst.
TANK TURRET (ship 8): this is the gun half of the tank, and it can blow holes in practically anything. However, it's completely immobile without the tank base to carry it around. You can use it like a sentry if you wish.

In-Game Controls ^top
This is a short listing of some of the important controls to know about. You can find more information on all of the commands, and make custom changes in the game client help and configuration options.
F1 Help Menu
ESC+1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Change Ships
CTRL Shoot Guns
TAB Shoot Bombs
SHIFT Run faster
SHIFT+TAB Lay land-mines (ship 6 only)

Game Play Basics ^top

GW has two modes of operation, Chaos Mode, and Game Mode. Chaos Mode is in effect when there are less than 8 people on each team. As soon as there are 8 people or more on a team, the arena switches to Game Mode. The objective during Chaos Mode is simply to train for the upcoming battle. Once Game Mode is in effect, the objective is to help your team transport the flag to the enemy’s base and score a goal. During Chaos Mode, Tanks and Turrets are not available.

Use your time in Chaos Mode to improve your skills with each ship, and to get used to the game play. Most players find that ship 7 (bazooka) and 5 (gunner) are the most effective when just starting out. Ships 2 (sniper), 3 (spy), and 6 (pyro) require a good amount of practice to become familiar with. Ship 1 (scout) is the only ship that can carry the flag and score a goal, which also limits its ability as a soldier. Ship 4 (Tank Base), and ship 8 (Turret) are very effective when attacking an enemy strong hold, such as those that usually build up along the entrance ways.

There are some features in the game that may seem a bit confusing; a couple of those features are land-mines, and the sniper scope. Land-mines are very difficult to see, which also make them very effective. Only ship 6 (pyro) can plant land-mines. The sniper-scope is actually the bullets from ship 2 (sniper). The bullets themselves are completely harmless, but are very effective when used as an aiming device for your shot. You will recognize this as the red laser coming from your gun when you try to shoot a bullet.

Should you have any other questions, always feel free to use the “?help” command, or the in-game [F1] help screen during game play. The staff in MERC is extremely friendly and always willing to help. We try to maintain a close relationship with all of our players, and assist them with any problems they may have; it’s always more fun that way.

Game Play Advice from the Pros ^top
Hippoman says:
"If you are a scout...
  • Don't bother buying extra energy unless you have points to waste. You will almost ALWAYS get killed in a single shot anyway.
  • I'd recommend to remap your keyboard so that your repel does not use the Ctrl key (Or your key matching your gun fire). So many times I have drop the flag by mistake when hitting Ctrl+Shift. Bad bad thing...
  • You HAVE to be able to fit in small holes (1 tile large) quickly.
  • Learn to throw the flag in the goal from outside the goal building.
  • If you are facing a pyro, try to force him to closebomb you with his flame. After, you can just finish him off with a single gun shot.
  • Learn those "tunnels". You know, those place where you line up and go straight into a direction.
  • Don't wait too much. It's better to go for it and die than do nothing and die.
  • Avoid staying close to a wall. You always have a small chance to eat those sniper bullet, but if they explode on a wall right next to you, you will die.
  • Learn where to wallpass ;)"
TSR.2 says:
"As Sniper:
  • When dealing with an offensive player whom you know to be spiking/lagging(whatever): Use the aimer(bullets) before you fire a bomb at said person. This may not sound like much, but for some reason it always works for me.
  • One good way to stay alive in sniper is to fire a bomb into an area before you fly into it, then get behind a two-tile thick wall. If an NME fires back, you've now got a semi-good idea of where they are, and can proceed with some caution.
  • When in a spot where you are nearly sure there is a cloaker(usually refered to as 'X'), DO NOT STOP MOVING. It is imperative to keep moving, and not just in one direction. Usually, most Cloakers will not attack if you are moving around, they'll wait for you to stop moving. This can sometimes be used to your advantage, if you're fast enough: Stop moving for a second, then when you see a cloaker start firing, pull back and follow them with your aimer till they cloak, then fire. Usually you hit them when they have low energy, so even if the prox does cause it to fire a ways away from them, they die."
TreeWithAMission says:
time to reveal my scout related secrets~
  • battlescouting: if you have high fps (i dunno how this works, just trust me on this one. above 60 fps, i think works.), and a sniper has juuuuuust the right amount of lag (still, i dunno how this works either. but for some reason, i can always know if a sniper's good because their bullets will be completely invisible until they hit you. i'm looking at you, wing/tec.), they may have a certain gap between when their shots are fired, and where their shots begin to register on your screen. if you stand inside this gap, the sniper will be unable to hit you. and then you shoot them to death. and then they complain about you lagging, and you can just laaaaaugh~.
  • normal scouting: speed is important, assuming you don't have magical EATTURRET/SOLDIERBOMBPOWERWOO~ (coughgoatcough). learn the scout paths that'll get you aligned and through walls fastest.
  • cloaking: cloaking is a lot like samurai, and vice versa. in conclusion i am good at both :D. but seriously, two things about cloak dueling: energy conservation, and dodging. dodge bullets individually, fire bullets individually. try to keep your energy above 30 so you can survive single bullets.
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