Welcome to the home of SSGO. Ground Warfare (GW)!
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How to get to the zone | Help promote the zone
After a short period of restructuring, we are back online and better then ever! YOUR mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get the word out about the zone, so that together we can make GW thrive once again as Continuum's/Subspace's most skilled and unique zone!

SSGO. Ground Warfare is unlike any other zone. We have taken Continuum and used it to it's full potential. New Graphics! New Sounds! Bots! We were the pioneers, and now we have perfected the art of zone customization. We have two main arenas in the zone:

Ground Warfare - more info | beginners guide ?go Samurai - more info | beginners guide
Fast paced capture-the-flag type game with totally unique gameplay and features. Work with your team to score a goal by infiltrating the enemy stronghold. This is the skilled RPG side of GW. Here you are part of a Samurai clan fighting for power, control, and little bit of money.

Now that's a lot better than spaceships, isn't it! Here are directions to our zone, and here are some things you can do to help promote SSGO. Ground Warfare! The dedication our players have shown us is the sole reason why the zone remains today in spite of all the hardships it has faced over the years.

Come be a part of the GW family today!